Welcome to our old train workshop, close to Copenhagen Central Station and only 20 minutes away from Copenhagen Airport, which in the old days repaired trains. The 9.000 m2 hall has a raw and rustic look and offers unlimited possibilities to customize the vast room for different types of events and it is easily divided into several breakout rooms.

There is direct access to the 6,500m2 undisturbed garden with large trees and close to the bohemian Vesterbro, the city centre and several high-class hotels. There are ample opportunities to experience the best Copenhagen has to offer.

The Train Workshop's floor-to-ceiling windows and roof structure made of wood and glass creates an atmosphere filled with natural light and impressive architecture. Event organisers can use the long grease pits as pools creating a different deco or get attendees transported directly to the doorstep in privately rented trains.

The Main Hall of the Train Workshop can accommodate 350-3500 people while the Boiler Room located under the same roof with an additional 900m2 have a capacity of 350 people.

If you want to know more or experience the venue, you are more than welcome to call us on +45 39648586